November 8, 2'004

To whom it may concern: Mr. Bhanwar SINGH

We visited Rajasthan during 3 weeks from October 19 to November 8, 2'004.
Mr. Bhanwar SINGH was our French speaking guide for the whole trip.

It would certainly be difficult to find a more dedicated, concerned, hard working, honest, friendly and reliable person.

We are rather demanding visitors. We have specific interests in paintings and rural life: before leaving home, we studied tour- and art books, and we therefore precisely knew what we wanted to see, often in places "off" the classical itineraries.

Never ever would Mr. Bhanwar Singh say that something was impossible, or a place too much out of the way or closed. He would ask locals, call ahead, consult colleagues by phone to make it possible, taking into account opening times and driving duration on small roads to be there in time. In fact, he seemed to thrive in solving problems.
Although we had a long list of things to see and places to visit, we can definitely say that we saw everything we wanted, and even more, since Mr Singh also made proposals after understanding where our interests were.

He was always well ahead of the agreed time in the morning waiting for us, and would only leave us at night after making sure everything was to our satisfaction.
Any time we would express concern about the work load for leaving early, handling extra requests or specific arrangements, the answer was always: "do not consider this, I just want you to be satisfied".

Having spent his childhood in a small village, Mr Bhanwar Singh had an intimate knowledge of rural life, Indian customs and religion, and his presence was invaluable to understand the way of life and traditions of the people. His good contact allowed us to often have a direct relationship with locals and even to enter private homes.
In addition, he was always very eager to learn, be it expressions in French language, way of living in other countries, or know about remote places in India where he had not yet been, and which we wanted to see because of our (a bit unusual) specific interests.

Mr. Bhanwar Singh also turned out to be a very caring and thoughtful person, always trying to avoid that my wife, who has difficulties in walking, would get tired. He would literally jump to help and support my wife every time there would be steps. He constantly cared about our well-being, asking whether the temperature in the car was appropriate, whether we wanted water, and making sure meals and room arrangements were satisfactory.
We always let Mr. Bhanwar Singh and our minibus driver select the place for lunch, which was sometimes somewhat challenging on less travelled roads. Albeit these were at times rather simple eating places, we were never disappointed, and Mr. Singh made a point to try to cater to our rather early eating time preferences and to recommend the cook to prefer food which our European stomachs would accept.

Mr. Bhanwar Singh never pushed us to buy anything, and only brought us to shops on our specific request. After buying a few items, we recognized that Mr. Singh's advice on where and what to shop was absolutely sound, but in any case we were always free not to buy or to go to another place. However, at the time of negotiating the purchase price (and unlike guides in previous trips), he advised us and involved himself, even asking directly for a lower price.

Besides being highly reliable and dependable, Mr. Bhanwar Singh is definitely a very honest person, and we have the intimate feeling that we were never cheated in any respect. Besides, in all circumstances, Mr. Singh was always cleanly dressed, with shining shoes.

During these three weeks, we had an excellent, friendly and trustworthy relationship with Mr. Bhanwar Singh.
I can certify that any person travelling with him bears no risk of being disappointed in any respect, and that Mr. Bhanwar Singh will always do his very best to fulfil all wishes.

Although Mr. Singh dealt with us in French during the whole trip, this appreciation is purposely written in English in order to allow a wider scope of use.

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